Socialize is the content, channels and community company, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We formulate digital strategy, set creative direction and deliver full-service production services. We're working with big brands, small businesses and high-growth companies in New Zealand and around the world.

From video production to web development to running Facebook pages, we do it all and we do it well.

It all starts with great content

Content - be it in the form of blogging, e-newsletters or video - is a cost-effective, smart way for your brand to be the expert, drive traffic to your website, products and services, convert web visitors to leads, and contributes to long term business strategy and success for your customers.

Online video is one of the best ways to tell your story to the world. Whether your objective is to get more customers, attract investment or recruit talent, well-produced video content is the key to building your brand on the web. Great online video allows your to tell a consistent story that engages audiences and drives conversion at a fraction of the cost of paid media campaigns.

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Be your own media

Our content channels are designed to integrate with your existing site and the social web. We take your content and publish it in your own fully customised environment that we build with you.

We’re the team behind About Us, the channel for New Zealand’s small business owners. We’re giving every Kiwi businesses a free About Us page so they get found online, and a newsroom full of digital advice on how to use the internet better. More than 60% of New Zealand businesses are yet to establish a digital presence which costs our economy a whopping $34 billion in lost opportunities, so we thought it was time to get stuck in to helping solve this massive problem.

Build your online community

Lonely? We can teach you twitter, fix your Facebook and find you friends.

Building a whole lot of friends online doesn’t happen on its own. It’s eerily similar to making friends in real life: you need to listen, talk about interesting things and generally be a good social citizen.

If you need a hand finding your voice or you’re not sure how this stuff works, we can help. We have helped build and manage some really interesting online communities: way back in 2010, we helped New Zealand’s football heroes the All Whites, for example, grow their Facebook fans by more than 100,000 while they were taking it the world in South Africa.

At Socialize, we provide tailored Community Management for businesses and organisations to establish an effective online brand by:

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